Easy Pomodoro


User Interface

Great effort has went into making this the simplest and most robust user interface in a Pomodoro app.

The Application Window

Easy Pomodoro - User Interface
The main screen provides access to the most important and used tasks.  From here you can start and reset various Pomodoros. You can also enter various tasks that you’d like to track your Pomodoros.  When a pomodoro that’s associated with a task is completed, you’ll see an increase in the “Competitions” column.

The Preferences Window

Easy Pomodoro - The Preferences Window
The preferences window stores all your preferences information related to how you setup the application. You define 4 factors of the application’s behavior.
  1. Pomodoro Length: This is the length of the pomodoro (in minutes).
  2. Break Length: This is the length of the break (in minutes)
  3. Notification Type: This is the way you’d like to be notified when a pomodoro or a break ends.  Options are via a popup message (application icon will also “jump” in the dock) or via the growl (there will be a message box displayed in the top right corner of the screen).

How To Use

Easy Pomodoro is the easiest and most straightforward Pomodoro productivity app for your Mac.

Easy Pomodoro - User Guide

How To Use

  1. Start the application
  2. Configure preferences by going either via:
    1. Application Menu: Easy Pomodoro > Preferences
    2. Status Bar Menu (via the digital clock): Preferences
    3. Keyboard Shortcut: Cmd + ,
    4. If you modified any preferences, you need to restart the application
    5. You can start the Pomodoros in two modes:
      1. Task-less mode: In this mode, you start the Pomodoro without it being associated to a particular task.
      2. Task mode: In this mode, you start the Pomodoro associated to a particular task.  The benefit to this approach is that once the Pomodoro finishes, the completition column counter will be incremented by one.
      3. Once the Pomodoro is started, you can pause or reset it.  If you pause it, you can resume it at a later time.
      4. Once the Pomodoro is finished, a pre-defined break can start automatically followed by the next Pomodoro, or it wait for you to start the next Pomodoro manually.  This behavior is defined in the preferences.